A/B and Multivariate Testing

Run experiments across your entire user base and evaluate results in any analytics platform

Limitless Experimentation

  • Create a Feature Flag that controls the text copy for a part of your site using Remote Config
  • Add additional variations of the Remote Config value to define text variations that you want to test
  • Control the percentage splits for each of your variates along with a control group
  • Monitor the behaviour of your users based on the flag state.
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    Get builds
    out faster

    Focus on true continuous integration. Flagsmith makes it easy to toggle individual features on and off, and make changes without deploying new code.

  • 2

    Ship new features
    with confidence 

    Control who has access to new features and mitigate risk by rolling features out gradually. Launch with fewer bugs and greater peace of mind.

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    Use Flagsmith Segments with your 3rd party analytics tools to run A/B and multivariate tests on new features. With Segments, you can also introduce beta programs to get early user feedback.

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    Empower non-
    technical teams

    Flagsmith’s feature toggles make it easy for non-technical teams to manage feature releases by simply switching a feature on. The code has already been deployed, so it’s ready to go.


  • Create user groups and segments based on any data-set that allows you to run specific tests against specific groups of your users. 
  • Target BETA Users or High-Value Users with specific messaging, feature sets or messaging to see what resonates best to drive true adoption
  • Roll out features and measure the performance of releases against behavioral and APM analytics platforms to ensure maximum impact and uptime. 

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Analytics Integrations

Stop paying for analytics twice. With Flagsmith, we can integrate your A/B and Multivariate results into your existing behavioral, database and performance monitoring solutions. We make it simple with existing integrations or with our web hooks. Ensure that decisions continue to be made where they are today. 

Control and

  • Flagsmith was built with security in mind.
  • It’s open source and can be run in the cloud or deployed on-premises, putting reliability and data security in your control.
  • The audit log allows you to see all changes made, who made them, and when; so tracking is simple and there are no mysteries.

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