Cloud Hosted Feature Flags & Remote Config

Get up and running instantly. Our hosted offering is fast to start, simple to manage, and scales with your business

Let us host
the application for you

  • Flagsmith Cloud allows you to use the service without the burden of managing deployment, scaling, maintaining uptime, or applying upgrades.
  • We handle that (and more!) behind the scenes so that you can focus on delivering features to your customers.
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    Get up and
    running instantly

    Sign up for an account, invite your team members to collaborate, and start managing features within minutes.

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    redundant architecture

    Our API is hosted across multiple availability zones, providing built-in fault tolerance and redundancy.

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    Scale to billions
    of flags served

    Start using the application today, knowing that you can easily scale to billions of flags served. No need to provision more servers or start sharding databases.

Start for free.
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  • Get up and running instantly.
  • Fault-tolerant, redundant architecture.
  • Scale to billions of flags served.