Flagsmith for Enterprise

Whether your company needs to have everything hosted on-prem, in a private cloud, or as SaaS, Flagsmith is the most flexible, secure and performant solution on the market.

We support customers on the following technologies

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Manage access and data across the enterprise

  • Flagsmith’s Enterprise solution comes with SAML, SSO, RBAC, Audit Logs and Flag Analytics.
  • Whether you are running Flagsmith as a single team inside of a European Bank, or as a 500 person development organization inside of a HIPPA compliant healthcare company, we’ve got you covered.
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    SAML & SSO

    We work with the leading SAML and SSO providers to integrate with your team’s existing security needs.

  • 2

    Role-Based Access Control

    Provide granular access to different personas within Flagsmith. Support approval processes before pushing anything to production.

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    Audit Logs & Flag Analytics

    Know exactly which team members are pushing features live with our real-time audit logs and flag analytics.

Global low latency and data control

  • Our Edge API automatically routes requests to the closest one of eight data centres around the globe, minimizing  latency for users globally and providing global failover. 
  • Choose Private Cloud to have complete control over data sovereignty - we can locate and serve your data from where-ever you need it to be. 

Our data centers

  • East Ohio, USA

  • London, UK

  • California, USA

  • Mumbai, India

  • Sydney, Australia

  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Singapore

SOC2 Type 2 Accredited Organisation

  • Flagsmith is a fully accredited SOC2 type 2 organisation
  • A copy of our audit report is available upon request - contact us!

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