The Most Reliable Feature Flagging Solution For Banking & Financial Services

Release new products and features without the risk, take advantage of agile software development workflow & implement canary deployments with the on-prem feature flagging system - Flagsmith.

Level up your digital transformation

Flagsmith provides Banking & Financial Services organisations with an all-in-one platform for developing, implementing, and managing feature flags.

  • Implement canary deployments with feature toggles. Filter your target clients by specific criteria and release features just for them. 
  • Release features when it suits you, not just when there is a deployment. Release to users when ready. Test code in production.
  • Multivariate flags allow you to perform gradual roll-outs to your users, as well as drive precise A/B/N testing and experimentation.

Private cloud & On-prem

Banks & Financial services are data sensitive organisations. We appreciate these challenges, and so we provide Flagsmith as an on-prem solution or via private cloud:

  • Flagsmith’s single-tenancy private cloud solution provides the benefits of cloud performance on a secure, dedicated infrastructure without you having to manage it yourself.
  • Deploying on-prem gives you full control. Co-locating feature flags provides maximum application-level security, ensures data sovereignty as well as providing very low latency.

Flagsmith is the on-prem feature flagging system with the best team based management solutions, like "4-eyes feature approval", team roles and remote authentication via SAML, LDAP, ADFS or Okta.

Manage feature flags as a team

You lead teams of developers in Banking or Financial Services; you have no margin to release broken software. We understand these challenges, and so we've implemented team management features so all your releases will be compliant with banking regulations:

  • Maintain compliance with 4-eyes flag approval. Double check your feature flags before the release.
  • Different team roles to manage features. Be sure that only specific people can actually release new code.
  • Audit log to check every single action that your team makes.

A-level support

We understand the level of the responsibility you have, so we provide you with priority support:

  • On-Boarding & Training for your engineering and product teams.
  • Consultancy for your infrastructure team about design, sizing and deployment.
  • Infrastructure & Support SLAs.
  • Priority Technical Support. Fast response time across multiple time zones. 

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Flagmith's on-premises and private cloud hosting solutions offer an added level of control for companies that take privacy and compliance seriously.