Open Source Feature Flag Management

Flagsmith is an open source feature flag and remote config service.

Feature flags

  • Flagsmith makes it easy to create and manage features flags across web, mobile, and server side applications.
  • Just wrap a section of code with a flag, and then use Flagsmith to toggle that feature on or off for different Environments, Users or user Segments.
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    Flag Analytics

    Flag analytics helps you understand how your features are performing.

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    Control and security

    The audit log allows you to see all the changes made, who made them, and when; so tracking is simple and there are no mysteries.

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    Powerful Integrations

    Integrate Flagsmith with the products you already use - Segment, Datadog, Mixpanel, and more.

Remote config

  • With Flagsmith’s remote config capabilities, you can easily change or test out different feature properties without deploying new code.
  • Configure different elements of your features – like the font size of a header or color of a CTA button – directly through Flagsmith and release the changes to users in just a few clicks.
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Use cases

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    Decouple deploy and release

    Achieve continuous deployment by deploying behind flags, and then only toggling them on when a release is scheduled.

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    Canary Deployments

    Using Flagsmith, you can release new features to a small percentage of your users initially, and then enable them for the rest of your users over time.

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    A/B/n Testing

    Once you’ve integrated the Flagsmith SDK and gated a feature with a flag, you can then easily use that flag to power A/B/n tests.

Open source

  • The vast majority of the platform is open source.
  • Most of the platform is under the BSD-3-Clause license. A small number of repositories are under the MIT license.

The licensing for each repository is clearly
shown in GitHub.


  • Several enterprise level features are not open source.
  • They are source available, however to use them in production we require that you have a valid Flagsmith Enterprise license.
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