Real-Time Feature Flags

Confidently make feature flag changes in real time

TL;DR Real-time Flags

Keep your systems in sync. Real-time feature flags let you push flag changes to users live the moment something changes.

Whenever you turn a feature on or off, flag changes will be evaluated and synchronised across all platforms and environments—instantly.

Uses for Real-Time Flags

  • 1

    Kill switches

    Implement robust kill switches that react immediately to changes in flag state. Turn off features and instantly remove them from the application for all users.

  • 2

    Quickly adjusting features

    By default, users will see changes to features (e.g. a chat widget) when they land on a page or complete an action like logging in.

    Enabling real-time builds on this by also adjusting features as soon as they are changed in the dashboard.

    Read more about using real-time flags in our Docs.  


  • Fewer API calls Reduce API calls and network traffic (this can lower costs of API calls).
  • Timeliness for users Easily share status updates and time-sensitive features.
  • Fewer disruptions Make changes without disrupting the user experience. Reduce downtime, minimize bug risk, and more.

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Managing Features in Real Time

Manage features so users see updates on your website/app immediately. Make sure they don’t continue to see unchanged features. For example, let’s say you’re showing status updates or managing a time-sensitive feature (e.g. related to an event). Real-time feature flagging lets you update your users instantly.

Something to Keep in Mind

Managing features in real time means your application’s UI could change quite a lot in real time as well. As people are adjusting flags, users may notice changes as they’re using your app/site.

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