Feature Flag & Remote
Config use cases.

Feature flags are the best way to safely release features, A/B test new features, and more

Decouple deploy and release

  • A key benefit of using feature flags in development is the ability to decouple feature deployment and release.
  • Achieve continuous deployment by deploying behind flags, and then only toggling them on when a release is scheduled. 

Canary deployment

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    Release at your pace

    Release Features at your own pace, using a canary deployment (also known as a phased rollout). 

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    New features

    Using Flagsmith, you can release new features to a small percentage of your users initially, and then enable them for the rest of your users over time.

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    Best-tested code

    Differences in production data, end-user device versions, and networks as well as new API workloads can make even the best-tested code hard to deploy confidently.

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    Test in production

    By releasing to a small percentage of your users and slowly increasing that percentage through a canary release, you can test code in production and see that a feature is working properly before fully releasing it.

Feature flagged soft launch

  • Create a Flagsmith Segment that targets 1% of your users. 
  • Enable a feature flag for this Segment. A randomised 1% of your users will now have this feature enabled. 
  • Monitor your performance and error rates to ensure that everything is working smoothly. 
  • Increase the Segment targeting percentage until you are comfortable with the performance of the feature.
  • Enable the feature for your entire user base.

If you see increased error rates or issues with the feature release, rolling back is a single step in Flagsmith. You don't need to wait for a new build pipeline to deploy!

Remote config

  • With Flagsmith’s remote config capabilities, you can easily change or test out different feature properties without deploying new code.
  • Configure different elements of your features – like the font size of a header or color of a CTA button – directly through Flagsmith, and release the changes to users in just a few clicks.
  • You can configure features for individual Segments, Users, and development Environments.

A/B tests and multivariate tests

  • Once you’ve integrated the Flagsmith SDK and gated a feature with a flag, you can then easily use that flag to power A/B/n tests.
  • Create a Segment that splits your user
    population 50/50.
  • Enable the feature for the new Segment.
  • Monitor the behavior of your users based on the flag state.

Kill switch

  • Use a feature flag as an instant off so that you can roll back a new feature that isn’t working as intended instantly.
  • Having a kill switch is a backstop that gives you peace of mind when releasing new features.

You can also drive Multivariate tests with control groups by creating a Multivariate flag.

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